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How It Works

Initial Meeting

An initial meeting will be scheduled with a potential Client to better understand their needs and to determine whether they are a fit for Systems. If the Client is a fit for Systems and would like to move forward, the Client's joining membership fee will be due. The Client is then matched with a Concierge that will best serve the Client based on their needs and preferences. Systems reserves the right to select Clients that will benefit most from Systems. Systems is sought after, exclusive and in high demand. Every so often a waitlist is implemented. Systems will contact accepted Clients when a concierge is assigned and services will begin.

   Scheduling and Invoicing

Once a Client is accepted, the joining membership fee is due. The Client may schedule as many days per month as they would like. We charge a simple hourly rate, per Concierge. We do not charge cancellation fees, pass credit card or processing fees on to our Clients or charge mileage fees. After the time scheduled with Systems is completed, the Client is invoiced and payment is due within 48 hours. 

   What Can Systems Do?​

  • ​run errands

  • shop and curate outfits

  • meal prep

  • cook meals

  • complete to do lists

  • organize

  • light/moderate cleaning 

  • regular tidying of your home

  • customized cleaning

  • dishes

  • laundry

  • care for younger children while parents run errands

  • pick up children from activities or sports

  • declutter

  • assist with pet care or scheduling 

  • bring pets to the vet and schedule routine appointments

  • provide transportation to medical appointments

  • schedule appointments, from hair to medical procedures

  • provide companionship to elders

  • assist with life organization

  • plan parties, gatherings, make reservations etc.

  • sort through emails and provide Client with itemized and important take aways from emails in regards to events, children's schools, sports and activity schedules etc.

  • clerical work for small businesses

  • run errands for small businesses

  • plan events for small businesses

  • and more


Who Do I Contact to Schedule or for Questions?

   The founder of Systems, Danielle, is available to assist with anything Clients need.

 How Do Concierges Access my Home? Do I Need to be Home?​

Clients do not need to be home when Systems Concierges are present. Systems matches Clients with Concierges they trust so they are comfortable having them in their homes/businesses and around their family. Systems Concierges live within the communities in which they serve and are trusted members of their communities (teachers, mothers, students, retirees, grandmothers, nannies, small business owners etc.). Concierges are thoroughly vetted and background screening is completed. Client home access information and instruction is provided to Systems upon becoming a Client. Home access information is then provided to the Client's matched Concierge.

​I Am "High Profile"/"In The Public Eye" (Professional Athlete, Celebrity, Work With Sensitive Information). Does Systems Protect My Information Or Enter Into Non-Disclosure Agreements?

​Systems respects our Client's right to privacy and confidentiality. All information shared with Systems including, but not limited to; name, address, phone number, home access information, home/family dynamics, itineraries, travel schedules etc. remain within the Client's profile within Systems. Systems has several high profile/NDA Clients. We are happy and comfortable entering into an NDA with any of our Clients. If you would like to enter into an NDA with Systems, simply contact Danielle.


   Peace of Mind

​Systems aims to keeping it simple when serving our Clients. Busy professionals and busy families do not need another thing

to prioritize. Simple hourly rate, trusted and local Concierges, exclusivity, easy scheduling and 24/7 assistance.


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